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Jan, 2018

Spring 2018 Assessments


We will hold our Spring 2018 baseball assessments this Saturday, February 3rd. We hold these assessments to evaluate skill level to ensure we have balanced teams. The data we collect from the assessments is confidential and not available to anyone outside the NGBSA board. All kids playing this fall must show for assessments. If you have prior obligations, or can’t come for some reason, it’s essential that you email so we can notify the league directors.

Please ensure your player arrives dressed for baseball: long pants, cleats (preferred, but if you have yet to purchase, tennis shoes are ok), hat, glove, and bat. If you don’t have a bat each league will have a bat available for you to use. You must have a helmet to participate in the assessment. We’ll evaluate hitting, baserunning, fielding, catching, and throwing. Pitching and other more advanced skills may be evaluated in the older leagues.

The actual assessment will only last a few minutes, and I’ve split up the leagues evenly by first letter of last name to alleviate long wait times, but please be prepared to be at the park for at least 45 minutes – depending on your place in line. See below for arrival and field assignment. The line will form at the 1st base dugout for each field. No parents are allowed on the field.

All assessments are held at George Pierce Park.

Rookie (4 year old)
No assessments

Teeball 5 year old - Field 2
A-I: 10:00am
J-Z: 10:30am

Teeball 6 year old - Field 2
A-M: 11:00am
N-Z: 11:30am

Peewee 7 year old - Field 3
A-I: 10:00am
J-Z: 10:30am

Peewee 8 year old - Field 3
A-K: 11:00am
L-Z: 11:30am

Minor (9 and 10 year old) - Field 1
A-J: 10:00am
K-Z: 10:30am

Major (11 and 12 year old) - Field 5
A-J: 10:00am
K-Z: 10:45am

Pony (13 and 14 year old) - Field 4
A-K: 10:00am
L-Z: 10:30am

Thank you - see you Saturday. 

Derek Dean