Fall Registration Open

posted May 13, 2010, 7:36 PM by NGBSA Communications Director   [ updated Dec 11, 2010, 5:11 AM ]

Registration for Fall Baseball and Softball opens Saturday May 15th at 10:00am, and continues until each league becomes full, or the season begins.  A late fee of $50 will apply starting Aug 6th, and teams will already be formed by then.  Players registering after August 1st may be placed on a waiting list until enough players sign up to form another team.

Our registration is first-come, first-served.  We attempt to allow everyone to play, but based on limited field space, we must limit the number of players for many leagues.  If your player is placed on a waiting list, we will try to get them placed on a team, in the order that they were registered.

Practice starts the week of Aug 9th.  Games start Aug 25th.  The season will likely finish by the last week of October.  Each team will play a minimum of 12 games, with the exception of Rookie, which will play 10.

- Ages for leagues are based on age of player on 4/31/2011
*** Rookie and T-Ball WILL NOT be combined.
League  Birthdates  Price Before 8/6  Price 8/6 or After
 Rookie (4) ***
 5/1/2006 - 4/30/2007  $125  $175
 T-Ball (5-6) ***
 5/1/2004 - 4/30/2006  $149  $199
 Pee Wee (7)  5/1/2003 - 4/30/2004  $149  $199
 Pee Wee (8)  5/1/2002 - 4/30/2003  $149  $199
 Minor (9-10)  5/1/2000 - 4/30/2002  $149  $199
 Major (11-12)  5/1/1998 - 4/30/2000  $149  $199
 Pony (13-14)  5/1/1996 - 4/30/1998  $149  $199
 Senior (15-18)  5/1/1993 - 4/30/1996  ***  ***
*** Senior Baseball Players must call Lee Newton at 404-408-4884 for Fall season information.  Online registration is not available for Senior Baseball. 

- Ages for leagues are based on age of player on 12/31/2010
*** Recommended that players be 4 years old before 8/1/2010 for T-Ball.
League  Born in Year
 Price Before 8/12  Price 8/12 or After
 T-Ball (4-6)***  2004 or 2006***
 $149  $199
 Pee Wee (7-8)  2002 or 2003
 $149  $199
 Minor (9-10)  2000 or 2001
 $149  $199
 Major (11-12)  1998 or 1999
 $149  $199
 Junior (13-14)  1996 or 1997
 $149  $199
 Senior (15-18)  1992 - 1995
 $149  $199

We offer a multi-player family discount.  The second player is discounted $20, the third: $40, and the fourth and after are free.

If a refund is requested prior to skills assessments (for seasons with skills assessments), or prior to uniforms being ordered (for seasons without skills assessments), all money paid, less a $25 administrative fee will be refunded.  After this time, no refunds will be made except for the following circumstances:
  • If you have a player on the waiting list, you may request a full refund prior to the player being placed on a team.
  • Your player suffers a season ending injury before the start of the season.  (Uniform costs may be deducted if ordered before injury.)
A $50.00 late registration fee will be required beginning August 6th for Baseball and August 12th for Softball.

Online registration begins Saturday May 15th at 10:00am.  To register online, a Visa or Mastercard is required.


The final walk-up registration was July 31st.  If you do not have a Visa or Mastercard, and need to pay by check or cash, please contact

If you have any questions, please use our CONTACTS page to direct your question to the best person.  For example, if it is a question regarding Rookie Baseball, find the Rookie League director's contact information.  If you have a question regarding the registration process, please send an email to