Spring 2010 Welcome From Our President

posted Mar 3, 2010, 1:42 PM by NGBSA Communications Director   [ updated Dec 11, 2010, 5:06 AM ]
Dear Parents:

As our Opening Day festivities approach I wanted to welcome you to another exciting season at NGBSA!  Baseball and Softball season is that time of year when we get to make new friends, renew old friendships, and cheer on our children as they participate in a game that they love.  Many exciting things are happening at NGBSA.

Our spring registration numbers were strong. Where most county parks saw a significant decrease in registrations, we remained at or above last year’s levels for most leagues.  This speaks well of our programs, our coaches and our Association in general and we should all take pride in being NGBSA members.

Our 2010 capital improvement project was investing $35,000 in new scoreboards for all seven of our fields.  All of the new boards have game timers and sponsorship ad panels and are controlled by wireless scorebrains.

This Year’s Jamboree will be held in honor of Sarah Sterner. Sarah is 16 and will have multiple surgeries soon to remove a brain tumor.  Sarah has played in our park since she was 5 years old.  All proceeds from the Jamboree will go to her family to offset the costs of her illness.

We will also recognize Sarah as NGBSA’s 2010 Athlete of the Year.  You can show your support for the Sterner family by attending her award ceremony on  Field 7, this Saturday (3/6) at 9:50 am as she throws out the ceremonial first pitch of the Jamboree.

This year we will host three tournaments; the Inaugural Javy Lopez Wood Bat Classic in May, the Pre Tri-County Softball All-Star Tournament in June and the Dixie Youth Minor State Tournament in July. Tournaments help us generate additional revenue to support our capital improvement projects.

I also want to mention a few things that, as Association members, we all need to be mindful of this season.

1) This is our park.  We all share in the responsibility of maintaining it.  On Saturdays, the trash cans fill up quickly.  The County does not remove trash on weekends.  If you see a trash can that is overflowing or becoming a yellow jacket hotel, there are large trash bags in both concession stands available.  We also need to pick up after ourselves under the stands and around the fields after our games. The restrooms get heavy use on weekends.  Please monitor your child when they use the restroom and insure that it stays clean and report any accidents or problems to the concession stands.

2) Break-ins in our parking lot are frequent.  Do not leave valuables in plain site in your locked car.  Smash and grab thieves operate here.  Be aware of loitering people in the parking lot and report suspicious activity.

3) Do not park on the curbs/grass.  There is plenty of parking and we can all use the exercise if there are no close spaces.  Emergency vehicles must be able to get into and out of the parking lot and they cannot do that if you park on the curbs.  Your car will be towed if you park on the curb.

4) Small Children are not allowed in the Scorebox. The visiting team is responsible for having an adult run the scoreboard.  Do not let children do it.

5) Each Scorebrain can only be used with one Scoreboard.  The scorebrains are numbered 1 through 7.  Scorebrain 1 only operates the Field 1 scoreboard, etc.

6) No Coaching From the Stands.  Signs have been posted on all fields to remind parents and spectators of this long time NGBSA policy.  Shouting specific instructions to players on the field is an example of coaching from the stands.  Coaches are responsible for their parent’s conduct and Umpires will enforce this policy with a courtesy warning and then, if necessary, an ejection of the guilty party or their team’s coach.  More details can be found at in the Redbook under the Documents Menu.

Your coaches, team moms, league directors and executive board have been working very hard to make sure our kids have a great season and can enjoy their time on the field.  Please thank them when you get the opportunity.  Without their dedication and countless hours of work, NGBSA would not be the great family organization that it is.  Let's play some ball and see you at the Park!

Alan Cleveland,