Field Banner Removal and Scoreboard Panel Sponsorship Opportunities

posted Oct 28, 2010, 5:36 AM by NGBSA Communications Director
[Sent 10/28/2010 to All NGBSA Members Fall 2009 to Present and Manual Email Signup]

Field Banner removal - All field banners will be taken down on 11/13.
 If you are a coach and would like to save the banner of your
sponsor, please remove it before 11/13.  If you remove the banner and
your sponsor renews, you can re-use the existing banner as long as it
is in good condition, which will save your team $60.  If you are a
sponsor and would like to keep your banner, please remove it before

All existing banners removed on 11/13 will be thrown away with the
exception of Scoreboard Panel Sponsor Banners, which Jason Smith will
take down, store for the winter and re-hang in the spring

Scoreboard Panel Opportunities - Do you like our new scoreboards?
Remember that eyes are on the scoreboards with every pitch.  Panels
are VERY affordable and include a free banner ($200 value).  We have
limited availability on certain fields.  Please contact Jason Smith,
NGBSA Sponsorship Director at or 678-858-8199 for
more information.