Viewing and Funeral Set for Jean Miles

posted Nov 15, 2010, 5:29 AM by NGBSA Communications Director
[Sent 11/15 to all Fall 2010 Softball Players and Manual Email Signups]

NGBSA Members,

Here is a message from John Miles.  John and Jean, along with their
three daughters, have been NGBSA members for a long time.  John and
Jean have also both volunteered with the organization many times in
the past.

From John:

There will be a viewing at Flannigan's Funeral Home in Buford on
Tuesday from 5:30-9 pm for Jean Miles.

The Funeral will be at Sugar Hill United Methodist Church On
Wednesday at 11am.

The messages that Jean's friends and family have posted on her care
page and on both of our Facebook pages over the past week have been a
great comfort to us all.
I think the best way to remember Jean is through the memories and
messages each of you have. Because of this, I would like to display
messages from her friends and family to Jean at her funeral. If you
have a message that you like to say about Jean, or a few words to say
to Jean, please post them in a response to this update and I will
compile them for the funeral.
Once again, I cannot thank you all enough for the support you have
all provided to us.
--John Miles