Welcome to NGBSA Fall Softball Season

posted Aug 7, 2010, 6:02 AM by NGBSA Communications Director   [ updated Aug 11, 2010, 5:56 AM ]
[Sent 8/7/2010 To all registered Softball players and manual email signup addresses]

Welcome to another great season of NGBSA Softball. For those of you who are new to NGBSA, a special welcome to you and thank you for choosing NGBSA for your daughter's fall
recreational activities. We are very happy to have you join the family. For those of you who are returning members, thank you for coming back to another great season of family entertainment. I look forward to seeing everyone back this season.
Just a quick introduction to our organization and the plans for the season: For some of you this will be old hat, but in order to bring as many families up to date, I would like to do a quick overview of our organization and the plans for the Fall season.
Our Organization is a volunteer organization and help is always needed:
NGBSA is a completely volunteer organization and thus we rely on our families to volunteer to make our organization strong. We have historically had great success with parents volunteering to keep the season safe and fun for our daughters. Your coaches are also volunteers and they will be asking for assistant coaches to help with practices and sometimes games, please help out in any way possible. Also one of the other requirements for our organization is to make sure the fields stay maintained in the best possible condition, and that also is done by our volunteers. You will be receiving a request for help on a field work day sometime before the first of the season, the more people that show up the quicker we are able to complete this process, so please try to help out if at all possible. Also before each game we must prep each field for games. On days when it has rained, we need many people to help prep the fields, so if you have a game on or after a rain day, please arrive early to help with field prep if at all possible. The fields need help drying out regularly and we are the ones that need to provide that help. If you have not signed up to be a coach or team mom, you can always offer your services to your team once you have been called to let you know which team your daughter is on. Also throughout the season, please volunteer your time if  at all possible by letting your coach, league director, or commissioners know that you are there to help.
Season Dates:
Our Season will start with assessments today and should end by Oct 30th assuming the weather cooperates. In the Fall we share the fields with football, and we have less field time than in the spring time, so most make up games will likely be held on Sunday, however we try not to schedule and regular season games on Sunday.
Games will Start Aug 28th.
Assessments and team drafts:
We will be having assessments today starting at 2 PM (Sat Aug 7th) at George Pierce park. There are 7 fields at our facility and we will be using fields 1-2 and 3 for assessments. Tball (Ages 4-6 as of 1-1-2011) will be on field 2
Peewee (Ages 7-8 as of 1-1-2011) will be on field 3
and minor (Ages 9-10 as of 1-1-2011) will be on field 1
Major, JR and SR players will not have assessments
The purpose of the assessments are to quickly evaluate each players skills so that we may do our best to split the teams up evenly. If you are unable to make assessments, this will not prevent your daughter from playing and being placed on a team. We will estimate their abilities based on what we know about them or how many seasons they have played in the past. The higher attendance we have from players, the more balanced we are able to make the teams.
At assessments your daughter will  be given the opportunity to hit, field grounders, throw, and catch pop ups. They will need a bat, glove, and helmet for the assessments. If you do not have these items, do not worry, we can let your daughter borrow these for today and then provide help on what they will need for the season at assessments. If you have any questions about what is needed for the season please ask the person manning the gate during the assessment process for assistance.
The teams will be drafted on Thursday evening and you should hear from your coaches on Friday or Saturday of next week (Aug 13th or 14th) on which tem they will be playing on. That coach will provide you instructions on when the team will be meeting and will give you additional information about the season.
Where are games played and practices held:
Practices will start Saturday Aug 14th or Monday Aug 16th depending on your coaches fist day and will be held at GPP before the first games are played, but will then be held at the local schools once games start on Aug 28th. There will typically be 2 practices a week before the season starts and 1 per week after games start. There will be 1-2 games per week with one of those being on Saturday. We will not have games during labor day weekend.
We will be playing our games mostly at George Pierce Park, but we will also be traveling to local parks for games as well. This is to make sure that you are not playing the same teams over and over again. We are also helping the smaller parks around us have enough games to play without having to do the same.
As with any organization, there are always communications that need to occur, and email and our webpage our the main forms of communications for our organization. Our webpage is Please add this as a favorites web page if you have not done so. Information about rainouts, and game changes will be posted on this website, but will frequently not be decided until 1 hour before game time as we will do our best to play if at all possible.
As with any sport there are rules that need to be followed and those will be posted on our webpage as well under the link for rules on the left hand side of the main webpage. Rules are age/ league dependent, so please make sure that you are looking at the rules for your daughter's age group. For those of you playing Tball and peewee, we also have rules on what types of bats that can be used. Since our daughters are still very young at this age, safety is of an even greater concern, so in order to do the bet we can to protect them, we have banned all high power bats at these age groups. Before buying a bat, please make sure you have talked to your coach, league director, or myself if you are not sure what bats are allowed and which ones are not.
If at any time during the season you have any questions or comments, your coach, league director (Posted on the webpage under contacts) or commissioner are always open to handle any questions, comments or concerns you may have. Please feel free to contact us. Please remember that as volunteers, we also have our own jobs and families, so it may be a little while before we can get back to you. Please be patient.
Thank you again for choosing NGBSA as your home for softball this season. I look forward to seeing you all again or meeting you for the first time.

Mickey Norris