Website Links are the buttons with logos visible on the left side of the NGBSA website.  The links will appear on the NGBSA website for 365 days.  Pricing on the website links is based on blind-bidding.  Bidding starts at $200 per year.  The link at the top of the list will be the sponsor who bid the highest.  NGBSA will NOT disclose the amount needed to become the link at the top of the list.

A waiting list will exist if all links are currently taken.  Bids are accepted at any time, and you'll be placed on a waiting list.  When the oldest link expires, the highest bidder on the waiting list will become active for 365 days.  Once a link appears on the website, it will remain there for 365 days.  Requests for refunds will be accepted for any bids that are currently on the waiting list.

In the case of a tie, the winner will be the one who registers first.

Once a bid order has been placed and the link has been displayed on the website, no additional bidding will be allowed to increase your position in the list.  Be sure to bid high enough when you place your bid.  Any bid order that comes in higher than yours will move you down in the list.

Logos must be provided, and must be approved by the webmaster and sponsorship director.  The size of the link is 190 x 60.  The link can optionally point to another website.  All logos and website links are subject to review and can be denied for any reason.  If they are denied, you are entitled to a full refund.